Be the change 
you want to see 
in the world

Mahatma Gandhi

SAIL has conducted community service projects for many years. Please see below a selection of activities, in which pupils, students, volunteers and partners have been actively involved, ​to make the world a nicer place - for charity recipients and givers.

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During community service projects our pupils practice:

     Collaboration with others
     Time management

Most importantly, pupils learn that the work they do can make a real impact in the world.

This is why SAIL International school involves pupils from as early as primary school age in the SAIL Foundation`s community service projects.

Ukrainian Refugees
Integration Program

Shortly after Russia waged war against Ukraine, the first child refugees arrived in our region. By 1st March, 2022, SAIL started a daily integration program for them. 
Nearly one year later, with the overwhelming support of pupils, parents and partners, more than 270 Ukrainian children, teenagers and some adults have joined our program.

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Solidarity with 
the cancer-sick

Planet Head Day has been an initiative of the NASA mission New Horizons to Pluto. Its aim is to demonstrate solidarity with the cancer-sick and to promote science. In 2017, we started Planet Head Day in Poland - together in a great partnership with the local communities in Poland and Presque Isle.

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Animal Aid

The SAIL community loves animals. Pupils and parents engaged themselves in a number of charity actions to support local animal shelters.
Moreover, SAIL International School may be the only Cambridge International School breeding their own bees on the schoolyard.

Bee project animal

community service

Our initiatives to care about the local community and to induce companies and individuals to care about others have started years ago, with projects funded by NGOs and CSR. 
Meanwhile our pupils and parents have their own wonderful and smart ideas. 

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