Ukrainian Refugees
Integration Program

Shortly after Russia waged war against Ukraine, the first child refugees arrived in our region. By 1st March, 2022, SAIL started a daily integration program for them. Nearly one year later, with the overwhelming support of pupils, parents and partners, more than 270 Ukrainian children, teenagers and some adults have joined our program.

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We cannot yet return our temporary migrants 
to their homeland, to their native home 
– it is still dangerous. 

But we can make the homeland come to them 
in the form of culture and native language

Olena Zelenska
1st Lady of Ukraine

The stats of our
charity work for Ukrainian refugees


Children participated in art workshops and summer school


Children participated in language clubs 
(Ukrainian, Polish, English)


Teenagers and adults participated in language clubs (Polish, English)


hours of charity work for workshops, summer school and clubs 

Charity concert 2023

The Academy of Arts in Szczecin and SAIL have agreed about the joint organization of an additional charity concert on 15 April, 2023 at the academy`s beautiful Landowners` Palace in the center of Szczecin. The Ukrainian artists from the academy are preparing to give another impressive performance. SAIL is organizing the fundraising during and around the events - among others there is going to be an auction and sale of pieces of arts. Further information is following soon.  

Summary of 2022

Until January 2023, more than 270 children, teenagers and adults have participated in our Integration Program, in addition to the employed teachers and assistants and the many volunteers. A short summary of our action  can be found in the interview by Haddy Ndure, Corporate Communications Manager for Cambridge Assessment International Education.

Cambridge Interview

Rotary donations

SAIL has cooperated closely with Rotary Club Szczecin International for many years. The club supported our charity concerts with the Academy of Arts and is a co-organizator of Planet Head Day. In December 2022, the club made a generous donation of 3000 PLN, which was used to purchase teaching material. 
Already in June, Rotary Club Neubrandenburg from Germany generously donated 500 Euro for the support of Ukrainian children in our program. Thank you, Rotarians! 

Language clubs

Following the survey conducted in September, there was a high interest in language clubs. Not only children, but also teenagers and parents need to learn Polish in order to succesfully integrate themselves in their new environment. Apart from Polish language clubs, SAIL has also conducted English language clubs since October 2022, e.g. for those who already speak Polish. The clubs are divided according to age groups and level of language.

New Ukrainian School

Following the survey conducted in September, a number of children have still attended the online lessons of their Ukrainian school. They need to pass a final exams at the end of the Ukrainian primary school. ​​At least since the Covid pandemic, we have known about the strengths and, above all, the weaknesses of online learning. 
Therefore since October 2022, our experienced Ukrainian teachers have conducted face-to-face group tutoring three times a week - in reading, writing and mathematics according to the New Ukrainian School Curriculum (Нова українська школа - НУШ).

Summer School

Funded by the generous donations of the Odd Fellows, SAIL could prepare and conduct a summer school for 40 Ukrainian children in two age groups. The children enjoyed 3 weeks of workshops, outdoor trips, competitions and fun. 

At the end, children, teachers, volunteers and parents just hugged each other with tears in their eyes that the beautiful time was over. 

Donation by 
Odd Fellows

After the Child Opera, SAIL signed a contract with the ​Association of Brotherly Help "ODD FELLOWS" in the Republic of Poland about a donation of 60 000 PLN for the Ukrainian Refugees Integration Program. 

This ensures the organization of a summer school for Ukrainian children and the continuation of the Integration Program until the end of the 2022. Thank you, Odd Fellows!

Activities in the school year 2021/2022

Magic Flute child opera

In cooperation with the Opera on the Castle in Szczecin, SAIL created and conducted a special child performance of the Magic Flute Opera of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The charity goal was to fund the continuation of the Ukrainian Refugees Integration Program. Singers and musicians of the Opera performed with our pupils of all ages from about 30 nations and created an unforgettable day in front of hundreds of family members and guests.


Planet Head Day

In 2022, our traditional Planet Head Day project was conducted for the first time also in Ukrainian language. It turned out that a majority of the children, who participated in the event at CH Galaxy in Szczecin, actually came from Ukraine. 

By participation in the charity activities they could proudly become an important part of society - helping others in need: the cancer sick.


Charity Concert 15 May

Another time we organized a great charity concert with the Academy of Arts in Szczecin, in which Ukrainian and international artists made wonderful performances. The venue was again in the beautiful Palace of the Landowners in the heart of Szczecin. 

Guests could purchase pieces of arts. The collected amount was donated to help Ukrainians children and adults in Szczecin. A great thank you to the Academy of Arts!


Public Fundraiser

Together with our supporters and partners we have had great fundraisers for showing solidarity with Ukrainians, like the sale of pieces of arts from artists associated with the Academy of Arts. 
In order to be able to receive cash donations during such events, we registered a public fundraiser at the responsible ministry.

show solidarity 


At school, all pupils are equal and equally smart, curious, hard-working and fooling around - with no difference. Sometimes life, however, seems to take away equal chances for some of them. 

Our charitable foundation is able to give few good pupils a temporary and partial fellowship, when their parents are in a difficult situation. This may also, but not solely, apply to Ukrainian refugees.

Rolls at the railway station

Refugees arriving at the Central Station in Szczecin after thousands of kilometers must be hungry. 

This was the thought of the pupils from classes P5, P6 and P9. So they took the initiative and prepared rolls at school, added some soft drinks and cordial wishes and brought them to the welcome desk for refugees at the Central Station. A great initiative!


Supporting Odessa

As agreed with the Academy of Arts, we transferred 5000 PLN of the collected donations from the concert to the Odessa National Music Academy (earlier named Odessa Conservatory). 

This donation is aimed to supply the students of this academy with basic necessities. Due to the war, many of them are cut off financial support from their families and have very limited opportunities to earn money on their own and continue the studies.

Charity Concert 20 March

Together with the Academy of Arts in Szczecin, we organized the first charity concert already on 20th March to collect funds for Ukrainian children in Szczecin and students in Odessa. The concert was life streamed by Thank to the Academy of Arts we had an impressive performances and generous donations of pieces of arts for the fundraising. In addition to many dear guests, also the Voivode of Westpomerania, Mr Zbigniew Bogucki, supported this case with his presence.


Ukrainian Library

SAIL International School signed a contract with Sokal Comprehensive School no 4 in the city of Sokal in Lviv region, Ukraine, to take over their entire school book library  and hand it back after the end of the war.

So, many hundreds of books are securely stored far from the threat of war damages and serve Ukrainian children in Szczecin to learn and keep up their language and identity.


Accommodating a wave of refugees was a real challenge for the local community, when refugees made up to 10% of the population. Parents, teachers and staff accommodated children and their mothers or caretakers in their private homes. 

The foundation rented flats for Ukrainians, and via a befriended construction company new flats were established.

Daily arts workshops

In the beginning of March, 2022, we started with our integration program. We employed Ukrainian teachers, who together with the experienced teachers of our international school conducted daily arts and music workshops. 

A few children were in need of a psychologist, but most just enjoyed a happy time with friends playing and chatting in their own language. 


Collection of clothes

Immediately after the arrival of the first refugees in February, 2022, we got overwhelmed by the help from parents, teachers and friends collecting clothes and sanitary articles for arriving child refugees and their mothers. 

A part of the clothes and articles were distributed directly by SAIL, the remaining part was delivered to the meanwhile established public collection points.


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