Non scholae, 
sed vitae discimus! 

After Seneca the Younger

"We do not learn for school, but for life!"

I remember this famous inverted quote from the ancient philosopher Seneca the Younger from my own Latin class at school. It is a plead for practical and lifelike education. “Philosophy” comes from Greek words meaning “love of wisdom”, so for a minute, allow me to compare the wisdom of Seneca with what we strive to do at SAIL today.  

Having been an expat myself for the last 25 years – and a father for the same time - I am happy to have learned a lot about the school-related challenges and expectations of international parents from the worlds of business and military. At SAIL, your children will be looked after by a competent, highly motivated and empathetic team of teachers and staff. We believe in STEAM, a practical, interdisciplinary approach to education - just like Seneca represented it already 2000 years ago: as an influential philosopher and playwright, a naturalist and teacher of the Roman Emperor Nero. 

Seneca stressed the meaning of human reason and peace with oneself and one's social and natural environment. In his teaching, this is to be achieved through individual virtue, charitable commitment and a cosmopolitan orientation. SAIL International School serves pupils from about 30 nations with the renowned international curricula of Cambridge, provides SMSC education about values and offers many occasions to stand up for nature and climate, as well as for people in need. We as a school shall lead by example and - more important - even the smallest and youngest among us can proudly learn that they can make a difference. Parents are more than welcome to join.

Unlike the stoic Roman philosopher however, we rely on a supportive environment, on inducing curiosity and having fun to reach the above. This is the summary of what pupils and parents can expect from our international school, run by a charity foundation.

We would be honored and delighted to have you and your child with us.

Michael Glueck
President / CEO
SAIL Foundation

Welcome to a common journey

I had the luck to experience an international school both as a pupil and a teacher. When the international community in Szczecin appealed for help with their children’s education, I provided lessons, presenting an active, caring and entertaining approach to learning in English. Many parents suggested, that I should open my own school. 

In 2015, I took the best of my experience and methodology to open an international, friendly and rewarding school for all children. After a few years, it appeared that it is better not to walk alone, but to ensure a further development of the school with a strong partner with long experience in international education, who shares the same vision and offers great mutual complementarity. At SAIL Foundation we agree on the goal of a caring, truly intercultural home for pupils raised abroad. We also believe  that the commitment to education  should always prevail a business attitude.

As a UK citizen who graduated in England, the University of Cambridge has always been a beacon in education. We are proud to serve in this tradition of quality as a Cambridge International School and look forward to congratulate the first graduates of our international high school with AICE-Diplomas and A-Levels.

Today, I have the pleasure of sharing my approach in education with children, parents and teachers from around the world. I would be very pleased to welcome you to a common journey at SAIL International School. 

Joshua James 
Vice-President / High School Principal
Founder of SAIL International School